Peugeot 207 Overview
The 206 has been the UK's best-selling retail car for several years. Private buyers adored the 206 and all it had to offer. Now, the 207 is tasked with the job of filling the shoes of the 206. Many think that the 207 will be able to successfully pick up where the 206 left off and maybe even deliver a little bit more.
The Peugeot 207 is larger than its predecessor, following a trend set by rival brands. The 207 not only feels larger than the 206 but also more substantial. The 207 doesn’t feel as entry-level as the 206.
The larger cabin delivers more space and higher levels of comfort. Many of the problems with the 206 have been fixed in the 207. Rear seat passengers will enjoy more passenger space and will not feel as cramped.
The car’s interior quality is better as well, with materials that feel better to the touch. Peugeot’s quality is behind the big names but is still quite satisfactory for the price.
The 207 feels stable and the steering is nicely weighted. The 207 is much less sporty than previous models including the 206. However, many people argue that the 107 provides a more enjoyable driving experience despite its limited power.
Small Peugeots are generally cheap to run and repair. Purchase costs are not as low as some rivals, but should be inexpensive to maintain. Diesel models offer better fuel economy and power and insurance should be low as well.
The 207 offers a decent amount of cabin space. Passengers have plenty of room and the rear seats fold flat to increase the car’s cargo carrying capacity. Passengers should have adequate head and legroom and be quite comfortable.
The car’s switchgear is functional but not quality. The car’s controls are very cheap and consist of inexpensive lower quality plastics.
The car provides adequate levels of comfort. Cabin space is good and the car provides an excellent ride. Road and engine noise are successfully suppressed and the cabin is quiet and pleasant.
The five-door models are more easily accessible than three-door models, but access is good on both. The car’s boot is easily accessible as well and provides a wide aperture for easy loading and unloading.
The 207 is an easy car to park. Rear visibility is limited but large side mirrors make it much easier to park safely. Parking sensors are available on the options list.
Life Style
The 207 delivers a comfortable ride, on both smooth roads and motorways. The car doesn’t do nearly as well on urban or broken roads. The 207 is also not designed for speed, and it is not a fast or sporty car. The car does deliver good levels of comfort even on longer journeys.
The car could be used as a family car for a small family. It has the cabin capacity to comfortably seat four and can occasionally seat five. The boot space is decent and the rear seats can fold down for some versatility. It would probably make a better second car to a primary family vehicle.
This is not the best first car. Many first time buyers will not find the car’s exterior design very appealing. There are less expensive and more economical cars available.
The Peugeot is not a high-end manufacturer. The 207 is designed to appeal to the masses. The car will be produced and sold in high numbers appealing to buyers who don’t want to pay premium prices and in return don’t mind settling for less than premium quality materials.
Security and Safety
The car’s standard security features include remote central deadlocking and automatic drive away locking plus an engine immobiliser. A Category One ultrasonic alarm is provided as standard on GT models.
The car’s standard safety features include a series of crumple zones, front side and curtain airbags plus two Isofix mounting points. The 207 feels like a safe car.
The Finishing Touches
The car’s standard audio system includes a single-slot CD/ Radio unit. The standard unit is well integrated into the dash, and the firm’s sat-nav system is available as a cost option on GT models only.
There are 13 exterior colours to choose from, three of them basic solid non-metallic hues which look very flattering on the 207’s exterior design. Range-topping GT models receive good quality leather trim.

Though the 207 is not a fantastic car and it isn’t likely to turn any heads, it is practical and competent. Mainstream buyers are sure to take a look especially after the record sales of the 206. The car will attract its fair share of buyers.